Summer registration for Project MEGSSS programs is now open! To register,  click HERE.


We continue to accept late nominations for this summer' s programming:  to nominate a student, click HERE.


Changes to your Emergency Information Form can be made HERE.


The PayPal online tuition payments link is also in the For Parents tab above. For specific instructions about how to pay online, click HERE.

Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students (MEGSSS)

Project MEGSSS bridges the gap between elementary and high school mathematics

for mathematically talented middle school students.

For almost 35 years, Project MEGSSS has offered access to a curriculum written specifically for these students, who are identified by means of a nomination process and accepted solely on the basis of ability.

Coursework is offered to MEGSSS-qualified students for up to 3 years, including summer programming, which also serves as excellent enrichment for students unable to commit to an after-school program.



We accept nominations of 5th and 6th grade students from educators and parents through the spring of each school year.

coolTo nominate a student, click HERE and complete the online nomination form. We confirm all nominations received by e-mail. and a letter of invite, along with program information, will follow during our nomination season, which begins in January.
Project MEGSSS now offers some summer courses to motivated, rising 7th and 8th graders who are talented and interested in math and related topics! For more information, click HERE.
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